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Sheep help us live better longer

I told DH, we need the sheep to help us live better and longer.   They will help us because we will have to go outside each day and take care of them. 

That is true, we do have to get fresh air each day while we do the minimum maintenance.   But one can’t always do the minimum and today, was cold and sunny and this stall was really calling my name as the hay was getting too deep to easily open the door.

So 3 hours and 18 full wheelbarrow loads later, the stall is clean of hay and ready to start over.  This photo was of the half way point.   Tonight, I’m not sure if the sheep will help us go to the grave earlier or help us live longer.   They certainly give me exercise.  There was a lot of twisting involved in getting the pitchfork loaded and into the wheelbarrow and then I dumped the contents in mole town which gave me balance exercise.  But I do love the sheep.

Tomorrow, I will do a walk through on the rental and go to the farm store for a few supplies.   The sheep will get fed and watered, but I have no plans for stall cleaning, though there are still 3 to go.  The body changes over the years – have  you noticed – and it resents doing what it could easily do just a very few years ago.  I should have kept up instead of taking a vacation from physical work.