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Moving sheep and playing with a design

Today we moved sheep.   A bucket of grain seems to encourage most of the ewes to follow me, which makes life easier.  They will all be together in a smaller pasture for the winter, since we have to feed hay.  That allows the pastures to rest and grow as well.  These two boys lost their harems as all the ewes are now together.   So these two are reunited and deciding who is top ram.

This is John, who grabs a ram by the horns and leads here where we want them to be.   He is showing me the new pitchfork he picked up while out getting other items we needed for construction.

I have been following a BlogSpot “object of design” where she has been playing around with different designs.   This one looked like fun, so I played with it this afternoon.   But before I make it  up in other than scraps of fabric pasted to pieces of paper, it needs more work.

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  1. Judy Shaw says:

    Boy, you sure do keep busy! I don’t know how you find time to do all the sewing you get accomplished. Kudos to you!