End of October projects

It has been a good month, a very good month.

I finished the end of October projects by getting these socks done and

embroidering these guest towels with cute little Hatched in Africa ladybugs.   They were a free download several years ago and I needed something quick and easy to gift.

I did get 19 of the 28 items done that I had on a list for the month plus much more work outside that wasn’t on the list.   So I’m a happy person.    The items that didn’t get finished will go onto the next month’s list.  I finished a quilt and some embroidery that was gifted.  I took care of paper messes and finished some wall hangings and I took a short vacation – all in one month.

Today was beautiful and I spent it using muscles that I didn’t even know existed.   But hay is coming this week and I needed to have areas cleaned for it.  Hopefully I will finish that tomorrow.   What is left, I need help doing.


2 Responses

  1. You’ve been far more productive than I have! Well done!

  2. Dar in MO says:

    Your socks are great looking and those cute little lady bug towels are delightful. I collect lady bug things. Wonder if the download would work on my Bernina 730 with embroidery module?