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Autumn, are you tired of sheep?

Autumn:  These lovely ears of corn are turning into these kernels.   I had thought they might be popcorn, but they are not.   So they will be ground as needed in recipes.   Aren’t they pretty?


We woke up to piles and piles of dead leaves.  They are so crunchy as we walk through them.

Are you tired of sheep yet?   I hope not.

He’s beautiful!   In fact, they both are, but here is why they are called rams.

They quit fighting each other just long enough to do some barn damage.  They were inside this stall, and the girls were outside.   What is the fastest way to get to the girls?   Right through the wall!  Ram! Ram! Ram! and he almost made it.    I called the neighbor who has an electric cattle prod which did get their attention.   They are now across the driveway from the ewes and still contending to see who is the dominant ram.  The prod only gives them a bit of shock to get their attention and to keep the person behind it safe.   If it really hurt them, they wouldn’t need it several times in the space of a few minutes.

Here come the mellow ladies for dinner.   We only had two get stuck in the electronet today.   I’m hoping tomorrow to get the power back up, so they will stay away from it.

  I’m not tired of sheep talk yet and I hope you aren’t either.    Oh, there is another beautiful thing about sheep.  They keep me going fast enough, that I don’t have time to get older, which is another wonderful reason to love them?