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Welcoming continued plus vet visit


 The welcoming continued today with the wind and rain blowing the top off this feeding station.   Those 4 x 8 sheets of plywood were rain soaked and heavy to put back up.  But we want to keep the rain dry, so hopefully they will stay there until we get time for something more permanent.

I then went to add hay to the hay feeder while DH filled the water troughs.   His “sheep down” caught my attention quickly and all else was dropped until she was cared for.  I brought the wheelbarrow over and we tipped it so I could get her in it. (too heavy to carry)   Then he put his weight on the handle and stood it up.   I wheeled her into the mini barn and penned her up with a little friend.   As soon as she was in the pen, she stood up and was eager to have grain.   But she was injured, so we called the vet for a visit.

He shaved her down and found that the skin had been pulled off, but the flesh was unharmed, so some fly spray, an antibiotic and she can go out with the others in a couple days. He thought this actually happened 4-5 days ago.   And a certain new little puppy will be fitted for a harness and we will tether a bouncy ball to her to give her something to play with other than sheep.   No boredom on this farm.