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Mind out of gear; Pumpkin heads

Have you ever been so busy  that your mind is “out of gear?   Today, after the gym, I needed to purchase gas and go to the post office.   I was being very efficient and making one trip or so was the plan.  Gym done, gas in car and off to the post office.   I parked, picked up the package to mail and realized that I had not addressed it, nor was I able to get the address from where I was.   So, I went back home, addressed the box and sent it out later today.  Sometimes efficiency is not efficient!

We finished changing coats on the Cormos who have outgrown their coats and this fellow really seems to be enjoying the dogs bed.

 These two Pumpkin heads are 13″ wide and 20 and 21″ high.   It feels so good to have finished them after having started them so long ago.