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Joys of farming

This morning my neighbor sent me this photo which sent me into a panic for a moment.   He is such an escape artist and I thought he was over at her house.   But I looked and he was actually on the back deck.  She enjoyed my moment of panic as she had taken the photo last week when she was here.

The vet came to make a farm visit today and Billy, the pygmy goat should no longer be butting me in the back of the legs with those horns and I won’t have to worry about Betty having babies.   He will now be a nice little wether.  In this photo, he has just been given the sedative, so is looking a bit sleepy.   The funny thing was this vet is the same one who used to do the work here 25 years ago when we had cows.  We had not needed services in a long time.

Oh, the joys of farming!