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Mid July garden update

I am delighted with the netting that has finally been installed over the blueberry bushes on the left and in the middle.   Grapes on the right were not properly pruned, so will get netting next year.   So far in addition to eating about 5# of berries, I have also put 15# in the freezer.   For an idea of volume, I can get 5# in a gallon freezer bag and it barely zips.   There are many more berries out there and the birds (who got them all last year) lose this year.

In the hoop house starting at the left, the celery, Swiss chard, and walking onions are doing great.   At the end, are planted one of the carrots, I think.   I don’t remember now which is where.  But they were planted today.  On the right nearest is watermelon, with no fruits set yet, cantaloupe are next down the line with zucchini at the end.

On the left are basil, and bits of this and that, including kale and parsley at the far end.   The right is tomatoes from one end to the other.  The far end consists of the second planting of potatoes.

Another full row of tomatoes, mostly volunteers plus 6 cucumber plants.   On the right , the rest of the lettuce which bolted in the heat has become chicken food and lettuce and beets have been replanted.   There are a few beets half way down the row, which were too crowded by the lettuce.    Winter cauliflower,  broccoli, and Brussel sprouts seeds were started today as well.

The garden on the hillside did not fair so well this year, with all the rain that we had this spring.   Even though we have to water the hoop house frequently, it is nice to be able to have some control over the amount of water.

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  1. Dar says:

    Your hoop house vegetable garden sounds wonderful. How big is the house? I am envious of that and all of your berries. It is wonderful to be rewarded for your hard work with such a good bounty. I did not fare as well with my little garden. My plants were in pots and among some flowers. The squirrels and rabbits with a little help from the birds took what they wanted whenever they wanted. They dug up all my beets before they got even a half inch big.