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The body knows and geese

So often we hear that we should listen to our bodies as “the body knows”.   I’m not sure about that now.  This morning, I got up and went through the normal routine, then decided to clean a couple shelves in the pantry.   By 8:45, I was ready for a nap and took an hour nap.  

After lunch, I went shopping (mostly unsuccessfully) and came home at 2.45.   This crazy body wanted another nap.   I  need a reset button for when it pulls this.   But I don’t have a reset button, so what does one do?A photo of our second set of Pilgrim geese.   These came to us already have grown, but as you can see they are in “flight” mode.   Now I need to catch them and leg band them so next year, I know which ones to put together into pairs.

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  1. You’ve had a crazy week or two, and “stress” can affect the quality of your sleep. Now that things have settled down a bit, your body is telling you that you need to recharge – I’m glad that you listened to it!