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Liver cyst and hospital

The last few months DH has been complaining about his side hurting a lot.  He had been to the doctor on at least 2 occasions and they only found liver  cysts which are water filled and many people have them.  Since they rarely ever cause any issues, they are ignored.  Very, very early  Tuesday morning I was awakened with complaints of severe pain.  We went to urgent care and he had a CT scan with iodine.  Again,  they only found the cysts.   But his abdomen was so extended, he was weak and couldn’t walk, and one cyst was as large as a large potato and crowding other items that belong in there.     They had to put him in the hospital to do surgery.  Did you know that hospital beds are becoming very VERY difficult to get?  They spent 5 hours finding a hospital bed – while I got to have some fillings at the dentist.   Finally after 7  that evening, we had him in the hospital.  Then it was another long wait for the admitting doctor to show up (after midnight).

We are so blessed to have several children as they came to help while away the hours, as well as take their turn at night, so DH wasn’t left alone.  This morning, the doctor came and talked to all of us about two procedures that he could do.    One was surgery and the other was to aspirate all the fluid from this cyst and then monitor it to see if it stays empty,   All of us thought that sounded like the best option.  So this afternoon at 5, he was rolled away to be worked on.   They removed 2.2 liters which is about what a large soda bottle contains.  He was back in an hour and said that he felt better than he had in awhile.    Now he needs to gain his strength back after all of this.   Hopefully he will be coming home Saturday and life will return to normal or somewhat normal.

 My aim is to get back to normal by the beginning of next week.  And since I will be at the hospital most of tomorrow, there won’t be a post.    Thanks so much for understanding why I have not been here.



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  1. jatshaw says:

    So sorry to hear this, Sharon. I hope by now your DH is home and feeling lots better! SEnding hugs.