Fencing, stall walls, some embroidery


Today was a supervising and “go for” day.   I had two young men show up to help me which was terrific as I could use the help, one for fencing and one to work in the barn.   Here is a photo of the perimeter fence that should be completed soon.   It is a work of art.   As you can see, it is nice and straight and the angle and corner posts are sunk in concrete.  However, while he was working on this, Lacey thought she should check and see how secure the existing fence is.   She found that the chain link side which we share with neighbors had no hot wire – just fencing.   She worked at getting under that until she succeeded.   Therefore added to our day was going after more hot wire and insulators and getting them installed.  Apparently keeping the sheep safe is not a big enough job for her.   All of our perimeter fencing will be hot.


A lot of the added pasture is open and will support a good number of sheep during the summer.  Cross fencing will happen later as needed.  The building about mid photo, is our house across the pasture.

Stall walls:


The other young man worked inside the barn, cutting and putting up the stall walls.   As you can see there was a run to the store for lumber which will be the doors.  I am so pleased that we were able to accomplish this much today.  Next weekend, I’m hoping he will come, make the doors, and hang them.



After all of this was accomplished, I was able to come in and work in the studio for a couple hours.  These blocks will eventually be the centers of a churn dash quilt.

And I promised the church I’d try to get at least one quilt done to help with the homeless men that try to stay a bit warmer up next to the church doors.  Hopefully tomorrow, after gym, I’ll get to work on that project.   I understand there are several men who could each use a quilt, but I am only one person, so do what I can.




2 Responses

  1. jatshaw says:

    Do you have an embroidery machine, or do you do it by hand? You sure keep busy!

  2. WOW! You got a lot accomplished!! You’ve made good progress just about everywhere. I love the embroidered blocks for the churn dash quilt – are the outer segments going to be one colour, or a mix of colours?
    And, you may be just one person, but to those homeless men, you are one person that cares, and that’s much more than a lot of people have!