January sock progress

IMG_0007January sock progress is like molasses.   Very slow going.   I am now half way through the heel flap.  No the socks will not be finished in January as I originally planned.   I’ll have to see what is scheduled for February = hopefully no more illness so that I can get February’s socks done and go back and finish these.

I spent about 4 hours this morning, moving furniture and cleaning floors under machines.  Sweeping, mopping, discarding, put bolts and other fabrics away all takes time.  So we took the afternoon off and spent another 5 hours, grocery shopping, and having AT&T tell me why the phone wasn’t working.   Amazingly they couldn’t get it to misbehave and so far it is still working.  I had planned to get an ice cream cake at Dairy Queen for the party Saturday evening, but their idea of a an ice cream cake, was a layer of vanilla topped with a layer of chocolate and then frosted like a cake.   So we went to Baskin Robbins and bought pizza like pies.   They have a big chocolate cookie on the bottom and are filled with ice cream and cut into 8ths.   That should be easy to handle at the party.   (Yes, there is vegan cake and ice cream for those that choose.)

2 Responses

  1. MaryD in SC says:

    Your socks look great, love the colors in the yarn.

  2. Dar in MO says:

    I love your description of knitting progress in January. I too have the molasses scenario when it comes to finishing socks, and I’m doing them one at a time!

    Yours are really pretty though even though they are not finished in Jan.