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Better days are coming

img_5679xBetter days are coming – they have to be, don’t they?  I had a fellow over with a truck today which was a big help as he moved 30 bales of hay from the big barn to the little one.   That would have been many trips with a wheelbarrow that only holds one bale.   Now the hay is near where we use it.   I’m hoping the fence will be up by the end of the year which will solve much of this issue.

Then I asked him to help me with this banana tree.  See how it has popped out of the container and growing into the soil.  These trees are very hardy and grow fast.  Fortunately they are shallow rooted.   If I take it outside, it will freeze back to the roots and grow in the spring.   I just wanted to see what would happen if I could keep it inside, but it is banging its head on the top of the hoop house.

img_5680xAnd look at all the offspring.   This is how bananas reproduce.  After a tree has bananas, it dies and the little ones grow up to produce more bananas.

But,  no, this was not the biggest issue – I started quilting my turtle quilt, then after doing about 1/4th, decided I didn’t like how it was going.   So the borders are all done and the quilt is off the frame as I will be taking all of the quilting (except the borders) out and re-quilting this quilt. Better days are coming – aren’t they?

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  1. jatshaw says:

    Oh No, frogging on a quilt is hard work; I am so sorry!