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Peppers, Swiss chard and carrots

ac   Iimg_5715November 29 and the peppers are done!   They are no longer ripening properly, so I  picked the peppers to finish ripening in the house and pulled the plants.   It’s hard to believe that the weather has been this mild.  By late October, they should have frozen.   As soon as they ripen, the extras will go into the freezer to remind me of summer when I use them.

img_5716Here is a sink full of Swiss chard and a few carrots, I pulled on which to munch.  The chard will also go into the freezer to be used in smoothies and other recipes.  The carrots will be pulled throughout the winter as we need them.   I would have been more than happy to share some of the produce, but it seems children don’t want food that they know comes out of the ground – they prefer food from the pretty racks in the store.  And adults don’t want to pick their own food.   It’s too much work.  Interesting, isn’t it?    So this year the sheep and chickens ate the extra pumpkins, cabbage, peppers, celery and other foods.  They do enjoy them.

Tomorrow, the kale and parsley should be picked.