Daily Archives: November 27, 2016




Rain – canning – internet buying

img_5704mAll this rain has given me time to work in the kitchen.   Between last night (cooked beans) and today, I have cooked and canned 4 dozen pints of beans.   It is wonderful to be able to just open a can of beans and heat them or not to add to a meal.   I still want to can another 3 dozen pints of beans and energy permitting, some potatoes.  Potato soup is so tasty when it’s cold outside.  I could do more if I had another pressure cooker, but then I’d have more to store.   It takes about half an hour to heat up, 75 minutes to process and another half hour to remove the pressure, so there is a lot of time in each kettle full.   And most of the time, we are very close by so that we can keep the temperature and pressure where it should be.


Today, I also rescued from the refrigerator a number of red and orange peppers which I cut up and froze.   And yes, I pushed the date just a bit on both items.   It is nearly the 12th month!  And I like to know when I processed them so I can use the older items first.

I also had a bit of time, so I removed all the stitches from the quilt that I felt needed to be removed.   I’m very happy that is not a huge quilt.  Now to start again on the quilting.

img_5705nThis package arrived – wonder how that happened.  There are now 27 wash clothes waiting to be made.  Or maybe these will turn into something else.  This is the problem with internet.   It is too easy to spend money.   No, it wasn’t necessary, but the price was right and I can use it for small, easy projects.   I did manage to ignore most of the weekend ads.   However, I ran out of empty pint jars and went to buy some, when what to my wondering eyes, one of my enabling friends posted that Target was having a sale on Ball jars.    I did order what I needed and will pick them up at the store tomorrow.   I also need some ink for my printer, but that is not on sale this weekend.  Therefore, I have not purchased that, yet.   So really I have done very good at ignoring all those temptations that have been flowing into my email box.   The ads will be coming in for awhile yet, so I still have to be careful.    How about you?   What tempted you that you yielded to?