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Seed inventory – ready for January catalogues

img_5661sToday I spent some time doing my seed inventory.  Some I have left over, some were from an end of the year sale and some I saved from my own plantings.  It seems January 1, the seed catalogs start finding their way into my physical mailbox as well as my computer mailbox.  And their offerings are so pretty that I tend to forget that I have any seeds at all and then ….you know the rest of the story.    So this year, I’ll be ready.  I don’t need many seeds – only perhaps some paste tomatoes and some foods I haven’t grown before.   I still need to decide how much of each to plant  as this year we will be planting for two families.   I need to find out what they want to plant – this is new for them.    The other thing for which I want to be ready this year is to replant the spring crops in the late summer again – things like broccoli and cauliflower.  It seems we use a lot of them so it would be nice to have extra in the freezer.


This was the largest pumpkin we harvested this year and was too large for the oven without cutting it into several pieces.   It baked for 4 hours and tomorrow the plan is I will put it in the food processor, freeze some and make some pies.   However, when I have to spend 1.5 hours walking to get my steps done, and go to the gym to maintain the ability to do what I want to do, and then a birthday lunch, I’m not going to guarantee anything else except a rest will get done.    These dark, rainy days – which I know we need – do not increase my energy level.