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machine embroidery

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Busy day, not much to show

img_5654dWe had a busy day, but mostly running around to the gym, to the chiropractor, and two stores.   No we did not purchase anything, and yes, my back is better.    But that didn’t leave as much time as I would have liked for sewing.   I wanted to finish this flimsy, but that will wait.   I have one more row and then borders.  I’m thinking I want to put something in the border corners, but that hasn’t come to me yet.

Last night I was looking through my 2014 goals for knitting, sewing, etc.   I did not make one quilt on that list.  However, in 2013, I achieved 10 out of the 12.   I think much of my quilt problem is like the one above.  I catch an idea from someone/somewhere and it soon morphs into something else.   This one started with a Christmas quilt I saw, but didn’t need a Christmas quilt, so I changed the colors to autumn and then I was off and running with an entirely different quilt.  So the lack of getting something on that 2014 list done, isn’t because I didn’t make quilts.   I didn’t make those quilts, but I made many quilts.   Yes, I’d still like to make them and I have another entire list to add to it.   Perhaps next year, I can put one a month on my list the first of each month and actually achieve some of them.   Too many busy days.

The same thing happened with the machine embroidery.   I have plenty on my list, but nothing was done this year.   It is time to clear everything off this desk except for the notebook with all the lists.   Then maybe I can check off some of the items.   I would love to check off more than I add.   But I know that the neighbor lady and I are planning two gardens this year to feed both families.  I’m not sure if that will give us more or fewer busy days.