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Time consuming errands

img_5632Not really an errand, but this window has been bothering me because it is in the laundry room, but can be seen by anyone coming to the front door.   It was one of those little things that is annoying only when I am nearby.  Today was the day, I could no longer tolerate people being able to look in.   This is an old curtain from times long gone, but was usable.  I cut off the bottom, turned it up and it will be fine until I decide what I really want to do with this window.

Time consuming errands began in earnest after lunch though the gym came before that.   Off to Costco to return some clothes we decided weren’t best for us, over to Walmart for a gift certificate, then Office Depot – time to get next year’s wall calendar.   We tried to find a new store but I didn’t have the name of it and we didn’t find it.   JoAnn’s didn’t have what I wanted.  All in all, several hours were consumed with mixed results.   Those are NOT my favorite days.   I like productive days.

I came home and tried to change the door knob on the barn, but couldn’t get the old one off.   I’ll ask the neighbor to help with that on Sunday.  I did get the bee equipment into the garage for the winter.  As soon as I can get the barn all fixed up, we will store that type of equipment up there.

Wednesday and Thursday there is a chance of some mild freezing, so I need to get finished with outside activities. And according to my Iphone, tomorrow starts a week of rain except possibly Tuesday.   And did you know that Thanksgiving is two weeks from yesterday?

Enjoy the restful Sabbath hours where you can recharge. Shabbot Shalom to those of you who celebrate.