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Mock Croc socks, pumpkin soup and new puppy

img_5621sThese are the Mock Crock socks started October 9.   Am I really that slow?  I have about 4″ of the foot done, so I’m hoping that another week will see these finished.   For those of you doing several pairs of socks each month, what are you doing?   How do you knit so fast?    The detail on this pair of socks is Cascade Farms Heritage Paints and these are hand painted.   The pattern is a Knit Picks (free) pattern.   I like how the yarn works up in this easy pattern.


Isn’t this one of the cutest puppies going?    She is also a sweetheart who thinks everyone should pick her up and love her back.   At 8 weeks of age, she is the newest member of the neighborhood and no, she’s not ours.   She belongs to the neighbors next door.

Yes, I did get a menu done for a week and a half, which will help me get food on the table without too much thinking.   Today we had pumpkin soup, based on a recipe on the Territorial Seed Company.

Pumpkin soup recipe:

I started with a 3.5# sweet pie pumpkin, cleaned out the seeds and strings, then salted the inside. I then blended 3/4 cup of cashews with a quart of water and 3 cloves of garlic plus a teaspoon of ground sage.  I put this in the pumpkin.   All went into the oven in a casserole dish for 1.5 hours on 375 degrees.  The dish was in case the pumpkin didn’t hold up.   It was collapsing as I removed it.  So I skinned the pumpkin, put the milk and pumpkin in the blender until smooth and served.   It was a good thick soup and was enough for the two of us for 3 meals.  I served it with a salad.   It was so easy and so good, it will be served again and again this winter.  The plan was to have the pumpkin be a fancy serving bowl, but it didn’t hold up.  Maybe if I had cooked it a bit less or if I had had a larger pumpkin, it might have held up better. – I don’t know.    I am sure one could use other milks with this.