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Block for an Autumn wall quilt

img_5618This block is for an autumn wall quilt that I’m wanting t make .   It is a corner block from “Merry, Merry Christmas Quilt”  by Debby Kratovil in her Quilt Block-a-Day Calendar 2006.   I liked this block, but didn’t want it for Christmas so changed the colors to autumn colors and now need to decide if I want to stop here or add motifs to it.   These 4  blocks are done, and I’m thinking perhaps pumpkins, turkeys, and another motif will become part of this.  One thought is to put pumpkins in the corners and these between the pumpkins.    My quilts often morph as I build them.  No I’m not late, just early for next autumn.  At least the plan is to get the flimsy done this next week and get the quilting done by then.

The bear paw quilt center is cut out. put in trays for sewing and the cutting table had been cleared, until I started cutting this autumn quilt.

Next I want to get my menus made for the next two weeks.  And there is still some garlic to get into the ground before it freezes.   It looks like I have at least 10 days for that.   Might as well put it off as long as possible – or maybe not as it looks like rains starts back this weekend.   Oh and I need a terrific vegan sweet potato dish for Thanksgiving potluck.   Do you have one?