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Organization and getting done what is important

Organization is usually very easy for me as I like to organize and can think better when things are organized.   One issue comes when other people in my life get involved.   If I have to leave something unfinished or someone moves things, does not put them away, etc.  it is easy for me to just give up on organizing.

Another issue comes when I have overloaded myself which is common.   Right now the sewing table and the ironing board as well as other surfaces are covered as I try to decide which pieces I want to cut out for this quilt.   When the cutting is finished, I can put much of this fabric back and clear surfaces.

That being said, the following blog,  by Sherri, on time organization  came to my attention today.   http://www.aquiltinglife.com/2016/11/time-management-for-quilters.html  It is very much worth taking a moment to read.   If I actually did #2 and limited myself to high priority each week, I would feel less scattered.

Then there is #3, meal planning for 2 weeks.   I fallen so far down on that.   Today, I went to the pantry,


which is well stocked this time of year and couldn’t find a thing I wanted to fix for lunch which is shameful in view of how full it is.  We ended up having roasted potatoes, roasted squash and kale.   It was  taking time to think that was throwing me – (and some don’t even have that privilege).  Had I taken the time to create a menu, it would have been easier.

#6 Being realistic in how long something will take me, is something with which I will always struggle, especially when I don’t count interruptions into the plan.

#8 is absolutely true.   If I do that, then I don’t waste those little moments.   This week my knitting has been sitting out, so that if I have 5 minutes, it is easy to pick up and knit a row.