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Pumpkins, starting the bear paw quilt

img_5571After gym this morning, I went across the street to the grocery store for 3 items.   The produce man helped me load the cart with free pumpkins.   I checked out and went to the car.  My phone rang and it is DH.   “If you are still at the store, will you buy ….?”   Being a good wife, I went back in and purchased that for which he asked and also loaded the cart once again with free pumpkins.  I got out to the car and looked at the first receipt.   She forgot to give me the 7% senior discount on that purchase, so back into the store to get that refund.   I arrived home to a husband who wanted to know what I’m going to do with all those large pumpkins.    I sure hope the sheep like pumpkin.   I think I will have to split them first and I’m not sure how to do that.   But next sunny day, I’ll be outside with a hatchet.  There’s no rush to use them as they will last all winter in the barn or garage.


After lunch, I started cutting the Bear paw quilt.   After cutting enough for 50 paws, I decided I wanted to change the way the colors were, which meant that 1/4 of what I cut will not work for where I cut it.   So I washed some brown fabric to use instead of the off white and started cutting again.   This quilt has a large number of pieces.    I am cutting only enough for the paws to begin with.  After they are made, I’ll cut the sashing and corners.  Meanwhile, the sewing room will be chaotic until this is assembled.