Clown socks


This yarn is strange.   I’m wondering if someone who was at the controls was also on substance.   The top sock in the photo is of the sock as looking down on it, and the bottom one is of the bottom of the sock.


.  I changed to the last two skeins where the red on the toe begins.   But why would the entire two skeins be like the heel and part way down the socks and then change to this pattern.   Can you make sense of it?  And both skeins were identical.



2 Responses

  1. Sally Walter says:

    If those skeins were from a dye batch done by a machine and a computer controlled one, it is odd. You would think that dye clogs were the problem and not a programming issue. I wouldn’t think the problem would happen twice in a row. If it is a hand dyed, the person really messed up and sold the yarn to get rid of it. Speaking of dying yarn, have you see this DIY for getting self-striping yarn: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Elda/dyeing-yarn-on-cpvc-board

    • sharon says:

      This is commercial yarn. I’m happy the original – now lost socks were done before I came to this spot.
      I had not seen this ravelry site. You do find the most interesting sites! When – in the middle of the night?