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An ordinary summer day


Watering takes priority when it’s hot, so as soon as breakfast is over, the watering started in the hoop house.   While watering, I found the first zucchini.   Yes, it was small, but it was part of our lunch salad.   There are 2 more out there half this size and I will let them get a bit larger.   But as you know zucchini are prolific, so I’m getting a head start on them.  I worked on the tomatoes for some time, taking off suckers and put the ties around them so they don’t crash.  Many of them are now in bloom.

(Oh, yes, a load of laundry was started before going out to water – can’t have a dryer adding heat to the house later)

Yoga is on our Monday morning list to do, so we went to that.   We went to bed sore, so I couldn’t believe I wasn’t sore from all of yesterday, however, I’m very happy about that.

After Yoga was lunch time.   And then we both took an hour nap which is not normal.   I think yesterday was a bit strenuous.   DH fertilized the outside hill garden, and will water it later this evening.   And I can’t forget that we get our steps in each day.  10,000 steps takes a bit of time.


Finally a time for crafts – sewing etc.  I finished this box stitch wash cloth and sewed a little.

Then it was supper time and after that supper and bed for the animals.   That brings us to our on-line Bible study after which I will put some lettuce seed in the hoop house to get a new crop.  Oh, and then I get to water the front yard.  (And some days we get to water grapes and blueberry bushes, which we are so blessed to have.)   I really like the rain to come about twice a week.

By then we are exhausted and as I look back through the day, it doesn’t seem as if we got much done, because the next day, we start all over again and do most of the same things again.    Does this sound familiar to you.   If it does, know you are not alone.   Even so, I love summer time.