Slugs and a finish

We seem to live an interesting life here on this little farm.   Today, it was the gate that wouldn’t work electronically.  We called the repairman who promptly came out (prompt means the day you call).   A little slug had managed to get up into the box and electrocute himself as well as knock out the power.   And when the repairman called in to order a new mechanism, they said he was the third call today.   Must be slug season, though with the chickens and ducks, we haven’t noticed them like we normally do.   Friday, we will have a working gate again and this time the tiny hole will be sealed.


I took the morning off and spun hair from these Pyrenees.   It is so relaxing and right now he is producing a good quantity.


This afternoon I did finish this lap quilt.   It is 41″ square, and made from scraps, except the back and binding.  It felt so good to actually finish something!


2 Responses

  1. Judy S says:

    is it hard to spin dog hair? Can’t believe a slug shorted out your gate; they are so annoying! Love the green quilt.

    • sharon says:

      Yes, and because it is electrical, he costs us two trips out here for the electrician plus the part. Just part of country living.