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Dish/wash cloth #2


I went to JoAnn’s and didn’t find what I wanted, so off to Wal-Mart and they didn’t have it either.   Then, after running around, I thought to look on the internet.   Guess what!.   The colors I wanted aren’t made in the yarn I wanted.    So now that I’ve hit a wall, I really didn’t feel like working on one of the larger projects and I needed a cheery color, so I chose this project.

I was knitting away on this when DH noticed it looked like one I made earlier.  He informed me that I can’t show you this because it looks like the last one.   It is the same pattern, Almost Lost, but a different color.   I used a larger needle on this as well.   Apparently, he thinks this blog should be for helping you to understand how things are made.    So I’ll add a bit of that with this.  So here comes the learning part.  I used a Peaches and Cream cotton.

I thought I was done with this, when I noticed after petal #6, I had one petal upside down (on the bottom).IMG_1388I ripped out to just before this photo (forgot to take photo of mistake).
So the learning is going to have to be to  watch more closely what I’m doing.  It ripped out quite easily for which I was thankful.  Some of the sock yarns aren’t so forgiving.


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  1. Judy S says:

    Very pretty. Where’d you get Peaches n Creme? All I can ever find is Sugar and Creme, and I think the PC colors are prettier. Are you on Ravelry?