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Grocery day


IMG_1246I’m quite sure that groceries are going up, up, and more up, which is why I really want to have a good garden with loads canned, frozen and otherwise stored.   We started at Costco and yes, I know that it is difficult to come out of there with just a few things.   However, with what we purchased there today,  I don’t think we need to visit the food part of the store for at least two months.   To follow that up, we went to Fred Meyer for the items that Costco didn’t have.   I have definitely learned that only one of a couple should go to the store, but I don’t know how to put that in practice, when he likes to go with me.   When the two of us go, it seems to me that we come out of there with three times as much as either would have purchased.   The only consolation was that most of it was long term items, some for the freezer and some like sunflower seeds that I use to make humus.  Some of it was for the big Super bowl game Sunday where several are getting together to enjoy the game.


After lunch I made zucchini patties for the freezer and for tomorrow.   Then I put the rice and lentils that I soaked this morning for flatbread into the blender with salt, onion and garlic powder until it was thick and smooth.   I saw this recipe this past week, but I really don’t remember where and since I couldn’t refer back to it, I baked it at 400 for 20 minutes on a silicone pad on a baking sheet, then flipped it for 5 more minutes.   If I had used two sheets, it would have made wonderful crackers.   Bill cut it into some small pieces for dipping and some larger pieces to eat with meals.  This is a great and easy recipe for gluten-free menus.

Then to add some humor to my day, the geese wanted to be herded into the night enclosure.   So I put the rest of the birds in and went after the geese.   They came to the door which I then opened and the latest three ducks ran out.   OK, ducks are out and geese are in.  I managed to corned one duck and got it back in and the other two ran off to the pond.   So I went into the house.   About 1/2 hour later at sundown, I went outside and these two were giving me the what for because they were locked out.   So I went down there and told them that’s what happens at night, they better stay in next time.  They were very happy to get back in.   One  just enjoys the animals even with their quirks.

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